Little Flower Doula

Scout Lappe, CD(DONA)

Tiny Acts Given With Great Love


Birth Matters


Pregnancy and birth are the bedrock of our society and how we experience these crucial events will impact us for a lifetime and are emblematic of where we stand as a society.  As a certified birth doula in Bend, Oregon I support families with information and encouragement so that they may have confidence they need to bring new life to be. My number one goal as a doula is to ensure that women feel supported and satisfied with their birth experience.  I chose to be a doula so that in my own little way I can leave this world a little kinder.


"Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest parts of their hearts."

St. Thérèse of the Little Flower

Pregnant Woman in Nature

Pregnancy Support

Be Informed. Be Empowered.

Provide evidence based information, education, and emotional support to women and their partners.  The more quality information you have the more empowered you will be.

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Birth Support

By Your Side.

I am by your side throughout your labor, providing you continuous support, encouragement, and physical comfort.


Postnatal Support

Restore. Be Well.

Women deserve special care especially after their babies are born. From the feeding of your baby to your mental wellbeing--you will be cared for.



...I’m forever grateful for her aid in our daughters birth. I will always suggest mothers to look into having a doula, and any local moms having Scout!...

Carly F.

Working with Scout as out doula was the best thing that could have happened for our family. She is smart, compassionate, strong, funny and dedicated. She made our birth experience a positive one despite several challenges we faced in labor. She was there for us before, during and after our baby arrived and she truly made us feel like she was a part of our family. Her support and coaching allowed both my mom and husband to feel comfortable and included during labor as well as easing fears and anxieties. Even with an epidural, Scout’s support was invaluable. If you are on the fence about working with a doula, I can’t say enough what a positive difference it made for us and Scout is nothing short of amazing.

Rike N.

Scout is such an amazing person. She was so prepared, supportive, and knowledgeable for the labor and delivery of our baby boy . Not once did I have to worry about whether my wants and needs would be met because she was constantly advocating for me and baby. She thought of things that I never would have and I was so comfortable knowing I was in good hands. In fact, I pushed for two hours and it wasn't until I switched to her suggested position, rather than my back like the doctors wanted, that I made progress and delivered. She stayed for a 24 hours labor and delivery to take care of not only me, baby and dad but really all of my family who was there. I hope she can be present for all of my births and I would recommend her every time.

She pays attention to subtleties of a couple’s relationship and home life and seems to customize her care and birth plan around that. The best thing we can say is that when we needed her, she seamed to be everywhere at once and yet nowhere intrusive during our most intimate moments. A perfect balance. If Scout were a pill, every doctor should prescribe her.

Michael K.

My day of labor was absolutely made by having Scout present. My husband and I both felt looked after and I say without hesitation that I actually ENJOYED the entire day thanks to her.  We wouldn't do this experience ever again without a doula--from her continuous check-ins during pregnancy, to 15 hours+ spent with us in the hospital, and then check-ins and lovely meals in the following days, Scout was so fantastic.



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