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Virtual Doula Support Package (New)

Supporting Families From Afar $500

Sometimes having the in-person support of a doula during birth is not feasible for one reason or another.  If this is the case I am happy to offer virtual support as you plan for birth and parenthood through my virtual doula support package.  All communication can be done on whatever platform you are most comfortable with and includes: 

  • Free Consultation 

  • Around the Clock text/email/call Support

  • Two 90 Minute Prenatal Consultations

  • On-Call Birth Support 

  • Postpartum Follow Up


Primary Birth Package

Supporting Families Through Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum

As a DONA International trained and certified birth doula in Bend, Oregon I accompany families through this most beautiful and sensitive time. 

I attend births at hospitals, homes, and birthing centers in Bend and Redmond.

My basic birth doula package includes one free consultation, two prenatal visits, birth and postpartum support. 

My primary birth package is $1000 and I am able to accommodate payment plans.

*I provide discounts to single mothers and military families.


Prenatal Support

Getting Ready

Two, two-hour prenatal meetings that include: 

  • Information on hospital/midwifery protocol for birth and newborn care

  • Discuss birth/postpartum care preference and develop a birth and postpartum plan

  • Help prepare your partner for their role during birth

  • Practice comfort measures for labor/delivery

  • 24/7 support via phone/text/email

  • Provide resources within the Bend, Oregon birthing community (fitness, nutrition, chiropractic care, childbirth eduction, etc.) 


Birth Support

Continuous Labor Support.
Shorter Labors. Less Intervention.

  • On-call from 38-42 weeks, ready to join you at your side.

  • I am available to you at the onset of active labor through your early postpartum hours.

  • Provide comfort measures and help your partner assist you in your birth.

  • Birth tools to provide you comfort & calm.


Postpartum Support

Getting Settled

  • Immediate postpartum support once your baby is born.  I will stay with you to help establish feeding and help you protect that golden hour with your sweet new child. I also ensure that you and your partner eat before I leave. 

  • About one week after the birth I will come and visit to make sure all is well. 

  • If needed I can create a meal train for your family. 

  • I can help you with sibling transitions.

  • I provide a postpartum care package to help you heal and remind you you're loved and supported.